Goals of Society


The objective of the Society is to organize, enhance and coordinate the activity of doctors specializing in the field of pulmonology, allergy and clinical immunology.

Principal activities and tasks:

• to organize pulmonary, allergy immunology and phtysiatric treatment for adults and children in Lithuania;

• to collect information and conduct the studies about the level of treatment of pulmonary, allergy, immunology and phtysiatric diseases among adults and children; to provide with recommendations or make other contributions into the improvement of the treatment process;

• to coordinate the improvement of professional skills of members of the Society; to give references for license delivery;

• to organize meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia for the Society members; to continue the training courses on the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation period of the disorders of respiratory system, allergic diseases and immunology disorders;

• to prepare recommendations of the Society for the treatment of adults and children and apply them practically;

• to study the demand for doctors of children and adults – pulmonologists, allergists, clinical immunologists, phtysiatricians – and provide them with appropriate references;

• to prepare periodicals and single publications dealing with pulmonology, allergy and clinical immunology; if possible, to provide with a financial support the publication of scientific monograms, manuals, methodical textbooks;

• to develop international cooperation and relations with other associations, public organizations and institutions;

• to recommend the Society members for the internship, scientific conferences, seminars, practical training in Lithuanian and foreign institutions of science;

• to nominate candidates meritorious for Lithuanian medicine to nominal, national and other prizes and awards;

• to take part in the solution of profession-related problems of the Society members;
• in order to guarantee the activity specified in the regulations, to hire people and pay them for their work from the Society funds;

• to gain property and accumulate funds in order to ensure the activity of the Society specified in the regulations.

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